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    LeCorto has partners with companies, chambers of business, business clubs and other organizations in order to keep attracting high-class customers.

    LesDisciples D'Escoffier

    The Disciples Escoffier is a culinary organization which honors the memory of Auguste Escoffier, master of French and international cuisines. The multinational organization has been present in Asia for six years now, teaching Escoffier’s techniques in streamlining operations in the kitchens of fine dining restaurants.

    LeCorto Chef Sakal Phoeung, currently the President of Disciples Escoffier Vietnam, often organize events inviting the best chefs from all around the globe.


    LeCorto has partnered with Visa Dining to offer to its members a complementary 3-Course Business Lunch.


    Earlier this year, a partnership was created between LeCorto and Wisepass to promote access to its members to our restaurant finest cuisine.

    All WisePass members have access to our 3-Course Business Lunch.

    KoreaChamber Of Business In Vietnam

    All KORCHAM members have a 10% discount on the final bill.

    JapaneseBusiness Association in Vietnam

    All JBA members have a 10% discount on the final bill.