5D Nguyễn Siêu, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Ho Chi Minh City 11AM–2:30PM, 5–11PM 02838220671




    The name of the restaurant, Le Corto, derives from the name of a world famous comic named Corto Maltese, published in 1967 by the Italian author Hugo Pratt. Corto, the main character, is an intelligent sailor, a free spirit with heart full of kindness and tolerance who loves travel and making friends during his journey. Our restaurant logo is pet of captain Corto, a mysterious black cat.


    Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern french fusion cuisine
    The cuisine of Le Corto reflects the comic character that inspired it’s name: Corto,
    son of a British sailor and a Gypsy-Romanian witch, who held a life and personality
    combining both Western sophistication and an unstoppable desire to discover
    the world. The food of Le Corto inherits the disciplines of French haute cuisine, but also enriched by touches of local flavors, deliver a delightful experience to every dish.